About Aurora

Aurora Energy Ltd (Aurora) is New Zealand's sixth-largest electricity distribution company, supplying eastern and central Otago.

University Photo
University of Otago, Dunedin  

Corporatised in 1990, Aurora carries on the business activities commenced in 1904, when the Waipori Falls Hydroelectric Company Ltd began construction of the Waipori power scheme. This company was acquired by the Dunedin City in 1907 and the City then commenced electricity distribution and, subsequently, appliance retailing; operating as an arm of local government.

Aurora's distribution network annually delivers around 1,330GWh of electricity, from five Transpower Grid Exit Points and six local power generation supply points, to over 83,600 homes and businesses.


  • Pays Transpower NZ Ltd for connecting Aurora’s distribution network to the national transmission grid, and for the use of the transmission grid in providing delivery services to energy retailers.
  • Sells delivery services to electricity retailers.
  • Pays Delta to operate and manage its assets.