Have Your Say

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of our Customer Voice Panel.

Aurora Energy is your local electricity network provider and we want your input.

How we use energy is changing rapidly and a range of new technology choices is becoming available for electricity consumers.

As Aurora Energy carries out a major renewal of our network, we know it’s important to understand your needs and to keep you updated on what you are interested in - and communicate through the channels that suit you best.

As part of our commitment to better understanding the needs of our customers, we are looking for local people to participate in our new Customer Voice Panels. Members of the Panel will meet three to four times a year to help us understand what our customers expect from us and how we can best communicate the information they want to know about.

To help us select a Panel that reflects the views of local electricity consumers, please register below with the following information. Those selected will be contacted directly by the team at Aurora Energy to explain what is involved and to confirm your interest.

Registrations close on 16 August 2018.


  • All Panel participants will receive a $50 Prezzy card for each panel session they attend.
  • All Panellists must be a residential or business customer on the Aurora Energy network, be 18 years or older, and be either the person responsible for paying the electricity bill or have a say in who your electricity retailer is.
  • Aurora Energy will select approximately 8-10 people in each region from those who register to become part of our Panel, and will make direct contact with those customers to explain what is involved and to confirm their interest.
  • We want to hear views that are representative of local electricity consumers, so for that reason, people with a background, or current or previous employment, in the energy industry, Aurora Energy or its contractors are unable to participate as a panellist.


Registration of interest in Customer Voice Panel