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Carisbrook Substation

Carisbrook substation is new substation in South Dunedin, built to ensure future reliable electricity supply to more than 3,600 homes and businesses. Project status: Complete and in-service July 2019

Project Description

The Carisbrook upgrade consists of two projects constructed from July 2017 to November 2018: a new substation and the underground cabling to connect it to South Dunedin grid exit point.

1. Subtransmission cables upgrade

To supply power to the Carisbrook substation, Aurora Energy installed new 33kV (33,000 volt) underground cables from the South Dunedin grid exit point to the Carisbrook substation. (The existing Neville Street substation is supplied from the Halfway Bush grid exit point.)

The first stage of the project involved the installation of two kilometres of new cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cables to supply the new substation from Transpower’s South Dunedin grid exit point (GXP). The cable route runs along Otaki Street, Strathallan Street, under the railway line, along Bridgman Street, Wilkie Road to Neville Street.

The trench digging, and cabling work took approximately four months as our contractors worked to minimise potential disruption to local residents and businesses. No power outages were required for this work.

The existing 33kV gas-insulated cables supplying the Neville Street substation from the Halfway Bush GXP have been decommissioned. The cables supplying Neville Street were not removed and will remain in place for possible future re-use as a low voltage supply.

2. New Carisbrook substation

The new Carisbrook zone substation was constructed on Aurora Energy-owned land at the intersection of Neville, Murrayfield and Samuel Streets. It replaced the Neville Street substation, which sits just opposite this site. At more than 60 years of age, Neville Street is the oldest substation on the Aurora Energy network.

The upgrade included the installation of new transformers, 33kV and 11kV switchgear and transformer neutral earthing resistors to improve reliability and reduce the impact of faults.

Substation construction was contained within the fenced substation site minimising disruption to local residents. No power outages were required for this work.

Thank you

We thank the local community for their support and understanding while we carried out this improvement.

More information and feedback

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