Completed Projects

Glenorchy Upgrade

This upgrade improves reliability and caters for increasing electricity demand now and into the future.

Project status: Complete

In 2015 we started the upgrade of the electricity supply to the Glenorchy area. The Glenorchy Upgrade is part of Aurora Energy’s overall network development programme in Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes to enhance reliability and cater for growth.


Upgrade projects

To improve supply, we have:

  • adjusted the Closeburn area power supply to come directly from the Fernhill substation, reducing the impact of outages to Glenorchy
  • upgraded the existing Queenstown-Glenorchy line from 11kV to 33 kV, providing greater supply capacity (33kV = 33,000 volts)
  • progressed the installation of a backup generator for Glenorchy to provide temporary supply if needed.

In our planning for the upgrade, we worked to ensure minimal disruption to your electricity supply. During the project, we installed a backup generator at Closeburn that avoided the need for extended supply interruptions while we carried out the works. This generator will be permanently installed at a site in Glenorchy to provide backup in the event of future power outages.

Vegetation control

Severe weather and trees growing near or into overhead lines are the main cause of damage to power lines, and of power outages in Glenorchy. We have cleared trees from the power lines supplying Glenorchy, prioritising the highest-risk sites. The work has involved pruning trees at around 1,000 properties across challenging terrain. We will continue the work of liaising with tree owners and completing vegetation control on the rest of the line over the next year.



Indicative Date

Foundation work for new 33kV power poles Completed
Install temporary generator at Closeburn Completed
Complete 33kV pole and overhead line installation Completed
Install permanent generator at Glenorchy Completed
Vegetation control Ongoing


Glenorchy image by Vladka Kennett (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons