Sponsorship guidelines

We're proud to support the communities where we supply electricity.

What we support

Aurora Energy receives many requests for sponsorship each year. Our main contribution to the community is through the electricity infrastructure services we provide every day to customers in Central Otago and Dunedin. In addition, we devote available resources to a limited set of activities to support the communities where we operate, develop the next generation of electricity experts and promote our brand. We look to foster strong and meaningful relationships with our partners.

What we do not support

Given the many great causes in New Zealand, we are unable to support more than a very few. Any sponsorship must be consistent with Aurora Energy’s brand values and corporate commitments, including health and safety. To ensure as many people as possible benefit, Aurora Energy does not sponsor or donate to the following, including but not limited to:

  • Political organisations or campaigns
  • Religious groups or campaigns, unless they are affiliated with an organisation which benefits the community as a whole
  • Organisations or groups whose planned activities could be potentially hazardous such as gambling, alcohol, smoking or drug related activities
  • Projects already completed
  • Travel
  • Fund raising costs
  • Individuals (or small groups/teams)
  • Employees and/or families of Aurora Energy and/or its contractors.

Applications for sponsorship

Aurora Energy is not currently accepting sponsorship requests as our sponsorship budget is fully committed to the existing organisations we support. We therefore have limited opportunities to enter into new community and sponsorship partnerships.