We're here to assist you with your electricity requirements for new projects. This includes residential or commercial subdivisions, new commercial buildings or changes to existing electricity connections such as supply upgrades, downgrades or relocations.

New connections to the Aurora Energy electricity distribution network must meet minimum standards to ensure the safety, reliability and quality of electricity supplies and avoid disruption to existing network customers.

Apply for a connection

To apply for a new connection, alteration to an existing connection or temporary supply, please complete and return a Connection Application.

Aurora Energy Connection Application (PDF)

Here are Aurora Energy’s connection requirements:

Network Connection Standard (PDF)

Rural Network - Harmonic Standard (PDF)

Design advice

We have prepared general design advice for new network connections and altering existing network connections to help minimise future electricity delivery charges for customers.

Design Notes for Designers, Consultants and Contractors (PDF)

Connection costs

Any work to be charged for connection of installations is contestable. The customer or developer may use their own designer and builder provided they are pre-approved for such work by Aurora Energy. Contact us to request a list of approved designers and builders.

Capital contributions

Like many electricity distribution businesses in New Zealand, Aurora Energy requires customers and developers to provide capital contributions toward the costs of new assets to enable new connections to be made. Read Aurora Energy’s capital contributions policy here.

Apply for a capacity change

Should you need to raise or lower your connection capacity because of a change in electricity demand requirements, please complete and return a Connection Capacity Change Request. 

Connection Capacity Change Request (PDF)

Please email the completed form through to the Network Connections Manager, who will arrange any necessary quotations for the work.

Subdivisions & Multi-tenanted buildings

Customers wanting to subdivide or develop multi-tenanted buildings need to complete and return a Network Development Application.

Network Development Application (PDF)