There will be times when you will need to arrange for electricity to be temporarily or permanently disconnected.

Permanent decommission

Permanent decommission is a total decommission of the power supply at the boundary of a property (sometimes referred to as a Total or Permanent Disconnection), generally for house removal or demolition. You are required to contact your electricity retailer to arrange the disconnection. Your electricity retailer will issue Aurora Energy with instructions to remove the connection and will commence the process of updating records including managing the final stages of the billing process.

For overhead connections, an Aurora Energy approved contractor will remove the fuse and disconnect the service cable from the pole and will remove it from the site.

For underground connections, an Aurora Energy approved contractor will remove the fuse from the pillar and the cable boundary from the ground.

Both overhead and underground connections will then have the supply tested to ensure that the connections are no longer live.

Temporary disconnections 

Temporary disconnections are typically used for house maintenance including painting, re-roofing and spouting. An Aurora Energy approved contractor will pull the fuse at the pole or pillar to disconnect the power supply to the house. The contractor will leave a tag to ensure that any other utility provider is alerted to our actions. When the maintenance work has been completed, the contractor will return to reinstate the fuse in the pole or pillar and remove the tag.

Remember to keep safe when working around power lines and cables.