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For Developers

The following information is for developers wanting a new electricity supply for a subdivision or to upgrade to an existing supply.

Talk to Aurora Energy early in the design process

Every new development needs site-specific consideration for its power supply. Contacting us early in your project planning process will prevent unnecessary delays and unwelcome surprises in your project.
We can help you select a contractor to assess your requirements now and into the future.

Contact us

If you require a supply availability letter for your resource consent application, or any clarification, please contact [email protected] or call us on 0800 22 00 05.

Selecting a contractor

You must arrange for the work to be designed, quoted and built by an Aurora Energy approved contractor.

These contractors meet Aurora Energy standards to work on the electricity network. You can obtain quotes from more than one contractor.

A list of Aurora Energy approved contractors can be found here. 


The quote from the contractor will consist of two components – the customer contribution and Aurora Energy’s contribution, which is paid to the contractor when the work is complete.

Size or capacity of supply requirements such as fuse size, transformer size and the existing consumption pattern can affect costs. Existing capacity of the electricity network may also have an impact.

View Aurora Energy’s Capital Contribution Policy.

Ownership of equipment

Aurora Energy usually owns all the equipment up to customers’ property boundary any transformer or high voltage switchgear located on customers’ properties.

We are responsible for the ongoing maintenance, operation and replacement of these assets. All other equipment inside the customers’ property is usually owned and maintained by the customer.


Aurora Energy owned equipment within private properties that supply two or more customers, or that crosses through another property, will generally require an easement.

Aurora Energy’s approved contractors will provide you with the relevant documentation as part of their quotation.

Your connection will be livened once Aurora Energy receives the completed documentation back from you.

Energy Retailers

Aurora Energy is an energy distributor and does not sell electricity. Electricity retailers sell electricity to customers.

You will need to choose a retailer or discuss your requirements with your existing retailer who will arrange for metering and for your connection to be livened. See the list of retailers operating on our network.

Electricity tariffs

Network electricity prices include the cost of transporting electricity along the Aurora Energy network. These charges are billed directly to your electricity retailer.

For most customers there are two components to these prices:
• A fixed daily charge
• Variable changes - a network charge applied to each unit of electricity consumed.

Your retailer adds these amounts to their own charges to make up the final bill you receive each month.

Connection requirements

More information

The how to get connected page outlines the process and responsibilities of the contractor, retailer and of Aurora Energy.