We offer a demand management programme for our industrial and large commercial customers connected to the Aurora Energy network. As a participant in the demand management programme, you get access to network control forecasts to help you plan to avoid network peaks plus monthly progress reports on your plant's performance, in kilowatts and, more importantly, in dollars.

The programme helps commercial customers with connection capacities of 150kVA and above manage their electrical demand at times of peak loading on Aurora Energy's distribution network.

Contact our Commercial Team today to discuss ways to manage your electricity delivery costs.

Control period status

Here is the current status of peak control hours (known as the Control Period Demand or CPD) and an indication of when controllable load (predominantly domestic electric water cylinders) is being controlled. On average, an individual water cylinder will be controlled for 40 to 50 percent of the daily and year-to-date Control Period hours.

Summer 2020 Control Period Demand Hours

GXP Name Current Status CPD Hours Today Last Update CPD Hours
This Year
Halfway Bush OFF 0.0 25/10/2019 11:29:23 a.m. 77.3
South Dunedin OFF 0.0 25/10/2019 11:29:23 a.m. 52.7
Clyde OFF 0.0 25/10/2019 11:29:23 a.m. 73.5
Cromwell OFF 0.0 25/10/2019 11:29:23 a.m. 54.2
Frankton OFF 0.0 25/10/2019 11:29:23 a.m. 57.4

Prior Year Control Period Demand Hours

GXP Name Winter 2013 Winter 2014 Winter 2015 Winter 2016 Winter 2017
Halfway Bush      61.9 185.6 195.3 117.1 74.3
South Dunedin     27.2 129.8 143.7 103.8 80.8
Clyde    47.8 136.7 210.1 129.3 83.5
Cromwell 47.6 148.9 215.3 137.8 90.5
Frankton 51.1 178.8 225.7 152.6 96.4
Please note: The Control Period Status information displayed here is obtained from various information systems and is reliant upon several communication links and servers. Aurora Energy provides no warranty, actual or implied as to the accuracy of the information and accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss that may result from reliance on the information. Actual records of Control Period Demand signal transmission will be used during the annual calculation and review of control period demands.

Control period forecasts

Click on the links below to see the public weekly or monthly demand forecasts. These pages show recent network peak control and predict future control. You can use these predictions to plan to reduce your electricity demand during network peaks, reducing your electricity costs.

Contact our Commercial Manager to learn more about our demand management system or to become an approved demand manager. 

Weekly Forecast

Monthly Forecast