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Load Management Guide

Aurora Energy operates a load management system for several key purposes relating to operational management of the electricity network. These include:

  • Reducing capital investment in the distribution network by encouraging consumers to shift demand from peak periods to off-peak periods, reducing line charges to customers over the longer-term;
  • Reducing peak loads at Transpower substations at times of peak regional demand, thereby reducing Transpower interconnection charges and reducing line charges to customers;
  • Signalling the occurrence of higher priced control periods to customers, enabling them to take avoidance action through their own demand management systems; and
  • Lowering demand on the electricity network during fault restoration.

Aurora Energy’s load management system is also used to provide a range of customer services, including:

  • Transferring storage heating loads (water heating, under-floor heating and night-store heating) to less expensive tariff periods;
  • Switching street and amenity lighting on and off; and
  • Providing energy tariff options to electricity retailers.

This document provides information on the Load Management System operated by Aurora Energy Limited. This information is generally provided for use by electricity retailers, and their metering equipment providers and contractors.