Aurora Energy puts your safety first. We want all our customers, employees, contractors and the wider community to be safe around electricity. Always keep a safe distance from electrical equipment and take extra care when working around electricity.

You can take some simple steps to make sure that you, and others around you, know how to keep yourself safe when around electricity.

  • Treat all electricity as live and never touch electrical equipment
  • Report electricity faults to Aurora Energy on 0800 22 00 05
  • Phone 111 immediately if there is an injury or risk of a fire
  • Follow safe work practice near electrical equipment
  • If you see a tree that is growing near or into a power line, contact Delta to arrange pruning services
  • Inform others around you of the dangers of electricity
  • Use beforeUdig to access maps and network information to ensure your work is carried out safely
  • Be prepared in the event of a natural disaster or extended power outage.


Read our guide to working safely around Aurora Energy’s electricity network (PDF) before working near our electricity network. We’re here to help and can provide you information and services to help you stay safe.


Our Public Safety Management System controls hazards that present significant risk of serious harm or major property damage. The System complies with the requirement of the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. To report a potential hazard please contact us on 0800 22 00 05.