Aurora Energy's network stretches across 6,600 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables in Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes. We get to work in some of the most spectacular parts of the country maintaining and upgrading the network. Here we share stories about how we manage this.

Now you see them, Now you don't!

We've undergrounded the electricity supply along the West Harbour walkway in Dunedin. Check out how we take the poles down and the picturesque harbour views.

Bird's eye view

Drones are used for the first time on Aurora Energy’s electricity network to carry out visual inspections of our overhead power lines and pole-top equipment.



Spanning the gorge

A helicopter is called on to upgrade power lines that span 600 metres across Gorge Creek near Roxburgh, Central Otago. The six high voltage lines connect the power between Alexandra and Roxburgh as well as carry power from the Teviot hydro schemes for export to the national grid.

Tree trimming in Queenstown

Adventure is not the exclusive domain of visitors to Queenstown, sometimes we go to extreme lengths to maintain the network. Here our skilled contractors defy heights to keep trees clear of power lines.