Current Projects

Peninsula PC3 Upgrade

The project is currently underway, and three of the four sections will be completed by March 2022.


The work will take place on PC3 (the line of supply) that runs from Portobello past Harrington Point, to the end of the Peninsula and around the back of Allans Beach Reserve and Hoopers Inlet.

What is the project?

We are partway through a major programme of much needed network investment which will continue for several years. As part of this, we are upgrading or ‘reconductoring’ a section of the network. The lines on this section have reached their end-of-life cycle and need to be replaced. This will not only replace aging equipment but reduce the risk to the network, our contractors and the public. The project has been broken into four sections:

Section one - Complete

We will be upgrading 1.8km of power lines (conductor) and replacing a number of power poles and cross arms down Allans Beach Road and Harington Point Road (within the Portobello area).

Section two - Complete

In Harwood, we will be upgrading 2.3km of power lines (conductor), replacing several power poles and repairing or replacing transformer components.

Section three – scheduled for 2022/2023

Section four (part one) – Complete

We will be upgrading 3.6km of power lines (conductor),16 power poles and a number of distribution switches will be upgraded between Harwood and Taiaroa Head along Harington Point Road and a number of side roads. 

Section four (part two) – scheduled for 2022

We will be upgrading 6km of power lines and replacing 35 poles between Harwood and Harrington Point, and a number of side roads.

Why is the upgrade needed?

Reconductoring is part of a significant investment in overhead power lines and will see end-of-life cycle power lines replaced with new lines. In this case, the lines near the coast have been prioritised as they are usually impacted by the salt in the air. We are working to reduce the different types of conductors on the network, leading to a more consistent network and ultimately to a more reliable supply for our customers.

Thank you

We thank the local community for their understanding as we carry out this improvement work and apologise in advance for any inconvenience and disruption that may be caused.

More information and feedback

We welcome your feedback. For more information, please contact Aurora at 0800 22 00 05 or send us an enquiry