We'll connect you up with the information you need to work safely on and around the Aurora Energy Network.

Worker standing on a cross bar at the top of a power pole in safety harness in Cromwell.

For Approved Aurora Energy Contractors

Information for Approved Aurora Energy contractors including the access to New Connections portal, CDS and Network Map.

Excavator digs a trench for cables

For electricians, surveyors, trades and other contractors

Everything you need to know to stay safe while working on or around the Aurora Energy network.

Workers standing at the base of a power line having a coffee break

Staying safe on and around the Network

Working near or on our assets is dangerous. Care must be taken at all times. You'll find all the information you need to stay safe.

Construction team shake hands greeting start new project plan behind yellow helmet on desk in office to consults about their building project

For commercial and industrial developers

Information to help you power up your next big project, whether it’s a hospital, a new office block or an industrial estate.


Access location and map data

We welcome requests to access our location data. We require everyone to register and accept our terms and conditions first.