For Approved Aurora Energy contractors
(New Connections and Field Services contractors)

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Approved contractor portal for new connections

If you're an existing service provider, your nominated company administrator has access details. Log in to our contractor portal to start the process of getting new connections set up.

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Controlled Document System

If you're looking for policies and standards, or forms and work procedures, they're all available here. You need to be a registered Aurora Energy service provider to access this information.

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Controlled Network information

If you need information about our network from – from feeder plans to protection settings – you can find it here. You need to be a registered Aurora Energy service provider to access this information.


Network map (restricted access)

These are general reference maps only. Assets can shift and ground levels can change, so do not rely on this data for safe approach distances, or legal or decision-making processes. Maps are restricted for security reasons.

Outram substation installation project

Staying safe when working on or near the network

Working near or on our assets is dangerous and care must be taken at all times. Here's some tips for staying safe.

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New connections

In this section of the Aurora Energy website, we explain the process for getting your clients connected to the network.

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Easements and property rights

Helpful information about electricity easements and property rights.