Moving equipment on private property 

If we have equipment on your property and you need to move it, we can help. 

The full cost of moving the assets sits with the landowner, including any easements that may be necessary.  

If the request is to convert to underground cables, we'll carry this out to our current standards. Any unexpected work or expenses that occur throughout the project need to be covered by the landowner.  

To get this process started get in touch with one of our approved contractors.

Moving equipment on the road reserve

If a local authority (e.g. local council or Waka Kotahi) needs our equipment moved on a road reserve then we can also help. 

We'll cover the cost of electrical fittings; all other costs including the cost of labour, plant, and civil works are to be paid by the requesting local authority. 

If we choose to change the specifications of the equipment, like replacing an overhead line with an underground cable, we'll pay for the additional costs. If we choose to install additional equipment, we'll also pay the additional costs.  

Where the local authority requests to change the specifications of the equipment, including underground conversion, they will pay for the additional costs. 

If the request comes from a private individual, we have no obligation to move them. We will review the request and will carry out the works so long as: 

  • It is technically feasible  
  • It will not adversely affect network reliability  
  • It will not increase ongoing maintenance costs 

The full cost of moving the works, including the costs of creating any necessary easements, shall be met by the requestor. 

Submitting a request 

Road reserves 

Email us if you need electrical equipment moved on a road reserve. 

Local authorities relying on Section 32 of the Act must give formal notice of the requirement to move equipment. You can forward this to: 

The Commercial Manager Aurora Energy Limited 
PO Box 5140  

All other requests 

All other requests to move our equipment may be initiated through an Aurora Energy approved contractor

Using our assets

Sometimes we allow third parties, like telecommunications companies, to access and use our assets (like our poles). 

This is entirely at our discretion. We must be assured that the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of our electricity network is not compromised. Examples include the use of assets for hosting telecommunications equipment or broadband infrastructure. 

Any requests to attach equipment to Aurora Energy poles should be submitted in writing to us.