This page describes the connections process and what you need to do to get a new connection.

Note for electricians

Under the new connections process electricians will make requests to Aurora Energy approved contractors who will provide submissions to Aurora Energy. Please see the new process outlined below.


The new connections process

Simple connection journey map FINAL

Download the full Simple Connection Customer Guide here (PDF 148KB).

Step 1 - Contact your proposed electricity retailer and engage an electrician

Before any new site is livened you must have a contract for electricity supply with an energy retailer.

The retailer will want to know the address details for the property you want to connect. If it is in a new subdivision you might not know the street number yet, so you will need to use the Lot number and DP number from your property title.

Energy retailers operating over the Aurora Energy network will also have lists of Aurora Energy approved contractors who can help you out with step 2.

See the list of electricity retailers on the Aurora Energy network.

Engage a New Zealand registered electrician to carry out your electrical work.

Step 2 - Engage an Aurora Energy approved contractor

Only specifically approved contractors are allowed to connect new lines or cables to Aurora Energy poles or pillars. They will need to know the address details for the property (just like the retailer) and also the size of the electrical load you are going to connect.

 If you need help to work out the size of the load your electrician should be able to help. Some electricians will even arrange everything with the Aurora Energy approved contractor on your behalf.

The contractor will determine what is required to provide the supply you need and give you a quote for the cost. They will also obtain approval from Aurora Energy for their proposed design concept, and notify you if we have any special requirements, such as easements, etc.

You may ask for quotes from more than one Aurora Energy approved contractor, so that you can be confident you are getting a fair price and good customer service.

See the list of Aurora Energy approved contractors.

Step 3 - Your Aurora Energy approved contractor completes the required work

Once you have told your Aurora Energy approved contractor to start work, they will let us know and we will create a new installation control point number (ICP) for the connection and send it to your nominated retailer.

The contractor will make any upgrades required on the network and connect your new service line or cable at the pole or pillar. When they have completed all the necessary work they will let us know and we will authorise your retailer to liven the property.

Step 4 - Your retailer installs the meter and livens the connection

Electricity retailers have contractors who are approved by Aurora Energy to liven new connections once certain conditions have been met.

For example, the connection to the network must have been done by an Aurora Energy approved contractor, an ICP must be ready for the address, meters must be installed, and a Certificate of Compliance must be issued and signed by your electrician to certify that the site is electrically safe.

Information on Easements

Property rights and easements explained. (LINK)

Need More Info?

We're taking a phased approach to streamlining our new connections process to improve the experience of customers wanting a new connection.

Check out the full Simple Connection Customer Guide here (PDF 148KB), with advice of what to do when it’s not a Simple Connection.


If you require any clarification on the information provided, please contact or call us on 0800 22 00 05