Distributed generation is equipment used to generate electricity for your own use, which is connected to the Aurora Energy electricity distribution network and is capable of supplying electricity back into the network.

Before you get started

When you generate electricity for personal use and connect it to our network, it's known as distributed generation. There is a process for getting this done safely and once it's done, you'll notice a decrease in your power bills. 

The Gen Less Solar tool is a calculator that helps you work out the benefits of installing power generation equipment at your place. It's supported by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). We recommend you check it out.

Useful information 

How to get connected

Connecting a small-scale system

For connecting a small-scale system of 10kW or less follow the process for a small-scale connection by clicking the button below.

Small-scale connections

Connecting a large-scale system

For connecting a large-scale system of more than 10kW follow the large-scale connection process by clicking the button below.

Large-scale connections