Reinforcement projects

Mutton Town Express Feeder - 2020-21 (Complete)

This reinforcement project involved creating a new 11 kV line between Alexandra and Clyde. This will enhance the ability of the Alexandra network to pick up load off the Clyde-Earnscleugh network during outages.

Clyde Township Backup Supply & Distribution Transformers Replacements - 2020-21 (Complete)

The Clyde Township was originally supplied from the southern end of town only. This reinforcement project created a second supply into the town from the north. This is able to provide an alternative supply if there is a fault, or when maintenance work is required.

The Clyde-Earnscleugh Zone Substation that supplies the Clyde and Earnscleugh area previously operated at 6.6 kV. This project converted the 63 transformers in the Clyde and Earnscleugh area from 6.6 kV to 11 kV, and enabled the Alexandra Zone Substation to supply the Clyde-Earnscleugh network.

There is also another project (the Fache Street Upgrade) that will create a ring within the Clyde township. Together, these projects will provide a greater ability to sectionalise the supply into and within the Clyde township, and provide a backup supply to the Dairy Creek irrigation scheme.

Alexandra Zone Substation Switchgear Replacement - 2020-22 (Complete)

This project involved the replacement of switch gear with new equipment, and accommodated the 11 kV upgrade for the Clyde supply from Alexandra.

Letts Gully Springvale Road - 2021-22 (Complete)

This reinforcement project will benefit the community by increasing the network operating voltage from 6 kV to 11 kV, and the line upgrades will help to minimise the length of time the power could be out during any future planned or unplanned outages. The work delivered included:

Section 1 (Springvale Road)

  • Replacing 3.3 km of overhead power lines along Springvale Road
  • Connecting an existing overhead line from Springvale Road into the 11 kV Dairy Creek network in Clyde on the corner of Springvale Road and SH8
  • Installing 500 m of new underground cable, and a new switch from SH8 to Fache St, to create a full ring circuit
  • Changing the voltage along Springvale Road from 6.6 kV to 11 kV

Section 2 (Letts Gully Road) 

  • Installing a new 500 m underground cable from Dunstan Road to the existing 33 kV overhead line on Fulton Hogan’s yard at 113A Dunstan Road
  • Building a new 11 kV overhead line under the existing 33 kV line from Fulton Hogan’s yard to Letts Gully Road
  • Replacing 1 km of powerlines down Letts Gully and Springvale Road
  • Building a new 350 m power line, extending the Letts Gully Road line and connecting to Springvale Road

Clyde-Earnscleugh Zone Substation Rebuild (Now Dunstan Zone Substation) - 2024-2025 (Upcoming)

The equipment in the Clyde-Earnscleugh Zone Substation has come to end-of-life and needs to be replaced. The current zone substation is located on the Earnscleugh side of the river. The new zone substation (Dunstan) will be built initially to supply the Data Centre, and will expand (2024-2025) to supply Clyde and Earnscleugh area.

Earnscleugh Road - 2025-2026 (Upcoming)

This reinforcement project will replace part of overhead lines to accommodate the 11 kV upgrade and provide connection to the Alexandra Zone substation.

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