What is the project?

At the end of 2021, we announced a large work programme in the Glenorchy area, as part of our $500 million investment plan to upgrade the electricity network in Otago. We’re pleased to have now completed the following work in the Glenorchy area:

  • 110 power pole replacements
  • 25 cross arm replacements
  • A new 11kV air break switch installed in the Rees Valley
  • Power lines in Mid Rivers (approximately 2.3km) realigned
  • New voltage regulator site in Glenorchy upgraded
  • Increased the reach of the area that the Glenorchy generator can supply – past the township towards Paradise, Kinloch, and Greenstone (the end of the line)
  • Rebuilt the electricity network across Dart River and through Diamond Lake, including the installation of new piles, 21 power poles, and 2.7km of power lines.

Future work

We are making good progress with our five-year investment programme, and as part of our maintenance and management of the electricity network there will be ongoing work in order to improve the safety and reliability of your power supply.

Where possible, we are committed to improving the way we manage planned outages to minimise the impact to our customers and communities as much as we can while delivering our investment programme. We are increasing our use of bundled work so that multiple jobs are packaged together, which reduces the overall number of planned outages.

Join us as we take a bird's-eye view to showcase the dedicated crews from ElectroNet in action, installing new power lines and poles on our behalf across the breathtaking Dart River near Glenorchy. Special thanks to Cam from ElectroNet for capturing this remarkable work from a unique perspective.

Any questions?

Thank you for your patience as we carry out this work. For more information, please contact us.

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