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Aurora Energy Customers Invited to have their say

07 August 2018
Customers are being encouraged to have their say as local electricity network provider, Aurora Energy, seeks participants to join their soon-to-be established Customer Voice Panels.

Aurora Energy Chief Executive Richard Fletcher said the initiative was part of the company’s commitment to better understanding the needs and preferences of its customers.

“Aurora Energy is repositioning itself to improve its operating performance, improve its customer service and ensure we provide a strong, safe and resilient network for the communities we serve.

“A major renewal of our network assets has already started and will continue for a number of years and it is important that we engage with our stakeholders and the consumers of our services, to ensure we are meeting their expectations.

“We particularly want to ensure that our customer communications and engagements, across our many customer touchpoints, are effective and reflect what is important to customers,” he said.

With nearly 90,000 homes and businesses across Dunedin, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes reliant on the service Aurora Energy provides, Mr Fletcher said it was critical to ensure all customers not only had quality in supply, but also that Aurora Energy encouraged open and ongoing dialogue with its customers.

“Customers are central to what we do at Aurora Energy. We need to understand what aspects of our services customers value and what is most important to them. The new Customer Voice Panels will be one of the ways that our customers can engage with us and a way that we can seek feedback on how we are performing and on how we can improve our communication and engagement.”

The Customer Voice Panels will bring together a cross-section of residential and small business customers across each of Aurora Energy’s three key service regions of Dunedin, Central Otago and the Queenstown Lakes area. The Panellists will meet three to four times each year, for a few hours each time, to review information and to seek feedback on how Aurora Energy delivers its services and how best to keep them informed.

“We are really excited by the prospect of working closer with our various customers and would urge anyone keen to help to register their interest to participate,” said Mr Fletcher.

The first Customer Panel is set for the end of August in each region.

To find out more and to register your interest go to Customer Voice Panels here.