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Aurora Energy Joins beforeUdig

26 April 2019
Aurora Energy is signing up to the national online service, beforeUdig to assist contractors to work safely on or around its electricity network.

Aurora Energy CEO Richard Fletcher said Aurora Energy was always looking for ways to improve the safety of their customers and contractors.

“Previously if contractors and members of the public wanted to carry out work near Aurora Energy lines or cables they would need to contact Aurora Energy and all other utilities individually to receive maps and safety advice prior to commencing their work,” Mr Fletcher said.

“This put a large onus on the customer or contractor to ensure they had all plans prior to commencing work, which could result in an underground cable being missed or work being carried out in an unsafe manner.

“Safety is Aurora Energy’s top priority and we want all our contractors and customers to be safe when they are working on or around our network.

“I’m pleased we have joined beforeUdig to ensure all customers and contractors are provided with the best possible chance to receive all information about where utility cables are located and carry out their work safely.

“Aurora Energy will continue to take responsibility for providing reliable data to our customers and contractors, however this area continues to be a focus for improvement in our business.”

Mr Fletcher said the decision to join beforeUdig was also about enhancing the service Aurora Energy offered to its customers and contractors.

“As we move through our phase of network renewal we are focused more and more on engaging with our customers to ensure they have a positive experience when working with Aurora Energy,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Joining beforeUdig is about streamlining the process for our customers and contractors and is all part of our commitment to enhancing services for our customers and contractors.

“I’m really pleased we have joined hundreds of other utilities on beforeUdig and encourage all our customers and contractors to utilise this free service.”