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Aurora Energy Making Progress on Network Upgrades and Preparing for Future Electricity Needs

06 December 2022
Aurora Energy has released its Annual Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2022.

Chief Executive Dr Richard Fletcher said, “Aurora Energy has made significant progress on upgrading and maintaining the electricity network, and aside from some hot spots where we are targeting investment, overall, the reliability of supply is improving in most areas of the network,” he said.

The company is part-way through a five-year, $563 million investment programme.

“Our hard work is starting to pay off, with a substantial proportion of end-of-life assets either replaced or upgraded, and we’re also seeing ongoing improvements to processes, systems and data capture,” Dr Fletcher said.

Aurora Energy’s report states that while maintaining the existing network is essential, upgrading and positioning it for the future is also vital.

“A robust electricity network ensures we will meet increased demand due to growth, as well as enable the future energy choices of our communities, and how and when renewable electricity is used to support decarbonisation," he said.

The Annual Report can be found on Aurora Energy’s website here.