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Aurora Energy Publishes First Annual Delivery Report for Customers

06 October 2022
Aurora Energy, who owns and manages the electricity network in Dunedin, Central Otago/Wānaka and Queenstown, published its first Annual Delivery Report. It outlines the achievements from the first year of its five-year, $563m investment programme.

During this period, good progress was made to deliver the planned programme of asset renewal and maintenance work across the network. This included the replacement of: 

  • More than 1,400 power poles 
  • Over 1,200 crossarms 
  • 74 km of high voltage lines (reducing the safety backlog risk by approximately 20%)
  • 56 distribution transformers
  • 88 cast iron potheads (the highest number in a single year to date)

In addition to the replacement programme Aurora Energy also:

  • Inspected almost 12,000 of the 53,674 poles on the network
  • Completed scheduled maintenance at nine of their 39 zone substations
  • Inspected vegetation on 51% of the network (1,953 km) and maintained vegetation on 26% of the network (983 km)

Aurora Energy Chief Executive Dr Richard Fletcher said he is pleased to make public a plain English summary of the company’s annual delivery report which highlights the progress that the Aurora team is making to deliver the work programme which was consulted on a few years ago.

“We have made significant progress on asset renewal and maintenance work across the network during the last regulatory year. We invested $127 million across Dunedin, Central Otago/Wānaka and Queenstown Lakes - $81 million on network-related capital expenditure and $46 million on operational expenditure such as routine inspections and maintenance, vegetation management, systems operation and network support. 

“Maintaining the health of the existing network is essential, but work is also underway to plan for the future. The drive for decarbonisation will result in increased electricity use  across New Zealand and across our operating region. We know electricity users want an affordable energy supply that supports their changing lifestyles and energy needs. A robust and modern network will provide value to customers by enabling them to connect to our network when and how they want to with the knowledge that the network is robust and fit for the purpose.” Dr Fletcher said.

Community drop-in events are being held in October in Dunedin, Alexandra, Wānaka and Queenstown, where there will be information relevant to each community and experts from Aurora Energy will be available to answer questions.

Events are being held:

  • Monday 17 October - Alexandra Community House, 14/20 Centennial Avenue, Alexandra
  • Tuesday 18 October - Queenstown Resort College, 7 Coronation Drive, Queenstown 
  • Wednesday 19 October – Wānaka Community Hub, 34 McDougall Street, Wānaka
  • Tuesday 25 October – Dunedin Community House, 301 Moray Place, Dunedin  

Aurora Energy’s first Annual Delivery Report and supporting information is available on the Aurora Energy website.