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Aurora Energy’s Updated Ten-Year Plan Continues to Prioritise Network Renewal

28 March 2019
Aurora Energy is continuing to prioritise network renewal to provide a safe and reliable power supply to its Otago electricity consumers in its updated plans for the next decade.

Aurora Energy Chief Executive Richard Fletcher said the 2019 Asset Management Plan Update (AMP), published today, updates the full 2018 Asset Management Plan (AMP) published in October last year with the findings of the full WSP Independent Report.

“We have ensured that the key findings of the full version of the WSP Independent Report have been reflected in our 2019 AMP Update and we have updated our investment forecast accordingly. This is aimed at ensuring we can continue to provide a safe and reliable electricity network,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The WSP report has been useful for us as we continue to refine our network investment plans. Specifically we have made changes to increase cross arm renewals, extend pole mounted switchgear renewal and have refined our planned investments in ground mounted distribution switchgear.

“We continue to use the review’s findings to improve the condition and performance of our network, through the following initiatives, among others:

  • maintaining the accelerated pole renewal and strengthening programme for up to three more years to reach a steady-state level
  • further accelerating the replacement of high-risk protection relays
  • increasing the volume of proactive cross arm and conductor renewals
  • reprioritising our zone substation switchgear replacement programme
  • increased maintenance expenditure including the use of improved inspection techniques

“To carry out our full programme of network renewal, upgrade and maintenance work, we have forecast $790 million of network expenditure over the ten-year planning period.”

The 2019 Asset Management Plan Update is now available here.