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Connetics Sign On to Deliver Network Programme for Aurora Energy

01 March 2019
Aurora Energy is continuing to deliver on its electricity investment commitment with the signing of the first new Field Services Agreement (FSA) occurring this week with Connetics in Dunedin.

The negotiation of new contracts with Aurora Energy’s principal contractors Delta, Connetics and Unison Contracting was started in August last year and over the past year all three contractors have been supporting Aurora Energy on delivering on its major programme of work. Connetics and Unison, as new contractors have been gearing up for an April 1 start under the new contract arrangement.

Aurora Energy Chief Executive Richard Fletcher said the signing of the first FSA with Connetics is a positive step for Aurora Energy as it is part of ensuring that the business is able to efficiently carry out its major investment program over the coming years.

“The signing of the FSA with Connetics CEO Jono Brent, formalises our agreement for Connetics to carry out maintenance, renewal and development work on our network in the Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes District area,” Mr Fletcher said.

“We are in the early stages of a major programme of network renewal and investment to ensure our network is safe and reliable and meets the future needs of our customers.

“It is important that we have appropriate resources in place to ensure we can efficiently carry out our major programme of network renewal and investment.

“These arrangements which introduce contestability into our field service delivery, also provide certainty for Aurora Energy and our contracting partners.

“We will be holding formal signings of the other new FSA agreements with Unison Contracting and Delta in March.

“Connetics will be based in Central Otago, a region which is experiencing significant growth in electricity demand.

“As well as supporting our future network development, Connetics will also provide an important local backup to support Delta in response to emergencies and network faults.

“The Aurora Energy team is looking forward to working with Connetics and our other contracting partners as we position the business to better meet the needs of our customers.”

Connetics CEO Jono Brent said Connetics was looking forward to working closely with Aurora Energy to deliver their increased programme of works.

“We have multiple crews working on carrying out maintenance, renewal and development projects across the Aurora Energy network work in both Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes areas,” Mr Brent said.

“We are excited to have formalised our agreement and look forward to working closely together over the next five years to support Aurora Energy and its communities.”