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Drop-in Centre Open in Cromwell During Planned Power Outage on Tuesday 7 August

02 August 2018
Aurora Energy will be carrying out network maintenance in Cromwell next week to replace four power poles.

For safety, we need to turn the power off to carry out the upgrades from 9.00am until 3.00pm on Tuesday 7 August, affecting 300 customers.

Affected customers should have received notification of the planned outage from their electricity retailer in advance.

Aurora Energy acknowledges the inconvenience to customers when their power is off, especially with the colder weather, so we are running a drop-in centre on the day to provide a dry, warm space for affected customers.

The drop-in centre will open at 9.00am at the Catholic Church Hall, The Irish Martyrs, at 5 Sligo Street, Cromwell and is available to anyone affected by the outage. Hot drinks will also be served throughout the day.

We thank everyone for their patience while we carry out this important network maintenance and upgrade for the community.

Keep safe

Power could be restored at any time during the course of planned maintenance work, so please treat all electrical equipment and power lines as live at all times. During a power outage, switch appliances off at the wall to avoid possible damage to electrical appliances when power is restored.

On occasion, we may be unable to proceed with work on the day the planned power outage is scheduled due to events beyond our control. Please check the Aurora Energy website or our Facebook page on the day of the planned power outage in case of a late cancellation.