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Looking after the New Zealand Falcon Kārearea

07 June 2019
Aurora Energy and the Department of Conservation have recommitted themselves to working together to conserve the endangered New Zealand falcon.

Both parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, valid for the next three years, in a joint initiative aimed at conserving New Zealand’s only remaining endemic bird of prey.

Kārearea are rare and face a range of threats including introduced predator and loss of habitat. The eastern kārearea is found in Otago and the eastern South Island and are also prone to electrocution and injury on power structures as they like to perch on high vantage points to spot prey. Their half metre wingspan can bridge energised equipment and conductors leading to electrocution.

Aurora Energy and DOC have worked together to identify and reduce the risks of electrocution by re-designing and insulating electricity structures to make them safer for kārearea. Future overhead installations will be built to new design standards and older structures will have retrofitted insulation.

Aurora Energy CEO, Richard Fletcher said, “Aurora Energy is very proud to be working with DOC to help conserve this beautiful bird which ecologists say is at risk of extinction.”

A joint education programme includes the publication and distribution of KāreareaSafe brochures and an information signboard in the Glenorchy area. Glenorchy is surrounded by some of the best kārearea habitat in the country and forms the focus of the KāreareaSafe campaign.  

Fletcher said, “The KāreareaSafe programme is a community initiative and we encourage everyone to join us in saving the NZ falcon, whether it is reporting sightings of the bird to DOC or not destroying native shrubs and habitat.”

The MOU was signed in Glenorchy near the newly installed Kārearea Information Board.

For more information about this programme or to find out more about the kārearea visit our website.