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New Location Secured for Camp Hill Substation, Hawea

20 February 2015
Aurora Energy has been granted a land use resource consent to build and operate an electricity substation in Hawea at a new location, 500 metres west of the Hawea River on Camp Hill Road.

The planned substation will cater for increased electricity demand in Hawea and the surrounding area and ensure reliable electricity supplies to local homes, farms and businesses.

Aurora Energy originally made an application to designate a site on the eastern side of the Hawea River and concerns were raised about the potential visual and recreational impacts. Having now secured the alternative site, Aurora Energy has withdrawn its application for designation for the original, eastern site and will instead build the substation at the new western site.

Gordon Rayner, Chairman of Central Otago Whitewater welcomed Aurora Energy’s decision. “We are impressed that Aurora Energy took heed of the Commissioner’s recommendation and put efforts into finding an alternative location that meets the needs of all parties. We are very pleased with the outcome and very thankful to Aurora Energy.”

Delta general manager asset management Derek Todd said, “The new location on Camp Hill Road addresses the concerns raised by the community, while remaining well-positioned in relation to growing demand and the wider electricity network. The new site is no longer near the river corridor and is set well back from the roadside. As part of the consent, Aurora Energy will plant additional screening in front of and around the substation to enhance its visual appeal.

“We are pleased to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to the local community and recreational users, while meeting our statutory requirement to provide secure electricity supplies in the Hawea area into the future. We can now advance plans to build the new substation at the new Camp Hill Road site. We expect to be on site to begin construction later this year, once final design work is complete,” says Mr Todd.

In March 2014, Aurora Energy applied as a Requiring Authority to designate 1.17 hectares of land for the purpose of a new electricity substation at Camp Hill Road on the eastern side of the Hawea River. The Commissioner for the Queenstown Lakes District Council made her recommendation regarding that application in September 2014. Aurora Energy had until 18 February to notify Council of whether it would accept or reject the Commissioner’s recommendation. In the interim, Aurora Energy secured the alternative, western site and on 17 February notified Queenstown Lakes District Council that it was withdrawing its application for designation of the original site.