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Reminder of Planned Power Outage in South Dunedin on Saturday 7 October 2017

04 October 2017
As previously advised, power will be turned off to approximately 670 electricity customers in South Dunedin from 9:30am to 3:30pm on Saturday 7 October. Affected customers have been notified in advance by their electricity retailers.

Line crews will be replacing three poles in the area as part of Aurora Energy’s Fast Track pole programme. For the safety of the public and our workers, we need to turn power off to parts of Atkinson Street, Bayview Road, Calder Street, Fawcett Street, Macandrew Road, Melbourne Street, Oxford Street, Young Street and surrounding areas.

We understand that power outages are an unwanted inconvenience and we thank South Dunedin electricity customers for their patience as we carry out this necessary work.

Keep safe

Power could be restored at any time during the course of the planned power outages, so please treat all electrical equipment and power lines as live at all times.

People using medical equipment that relies on electricity should advise their electricity retailer and contact your health provider or call 111.

During a power outage, switch appliances off at the wall to avoid possible damage to electrical appliances when power is restored. Always keep well clear of fallen power lines or damaged electrical equipment and treat them as live at all times.

Late cancellations

On occasion, we may be unable to proceed with work on the day the planned power outage is scheduled due to events beyond our control. Please check our outages page on the day of the planned power outage in case of a late cancellation.