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Spring Network Maintenance for Omakau and Surrounding Areas

07 September 2017
Aurora Energy will be carrying out maintenance on the network in the Omakau area to clear vegetation from power lines, maintain the local substation and replace poles.

The maintenance will occur from Monday to Friday in Omakau, Poolburn, Lauder, Becks and St Bathans during the week 18 – 22 September.

To minimise disruption to electricity customers, multiple maintenance jobs have been scheduled during the week. Clearing vegetation away from overhead power lines, maintenance at the Omakau substation and pole replacements make up the bulk of the work planned for the week. Several kilometres of vegetation will be cleared away from power lines and 17 new power poles will be installed.

For safety, these areas will be supplied electricity via several large generators during the daytime. A short power outage of approximately 30 minutes will occur at the beginning and end of each day, around 8:30am and 4:30pm to switch between generator and network supply. 

We understand that these short power outages are an unwanted inconvenience and we thank all affected customers for their patience as we carry out this necessary work.

Keep safe

Power could be restored at any time during the course of planned maintenance work, so please treat all electrical equipment and power lines as live at all times. During a power outage, switch appliances off at the wall to avoid possible damage to electrical appliances when power is restored. Always keep well clear of fallen power lines or damaged electrical equipment and treat them as live at all times.

On occasion, we may be unable to proceed with work on the day the planned power outage is scheduled due to events beyond our control. Please check our outage page on the day of the planned power outage in case of a late cancellation.