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Update 6 - Power Restored to Majority of Customers After Severe Weather Damage, Repair Work Continues, as at 17:00h

24 January 2019
Field and operations staff continue to work to restore power to electricity customers in Queenstown Lakes and parts of Central Otago. Severe wind gusts and heavy rain caused widespread damage and power cuts in multiple areas last night.

The number of homes and businesses without power is estimated at just more than 160 (down from 4,500 at peak yesterday). Power could be restored at any time, so please treat all electrical equipment and appliances as live.

Glenorchy township is currently being supplied power by backup generator. Our crews will continue to work until nightfall to repair faults in the Bob’s Cove area before the network supply can be reconnected. There will be a brief power outage when we switch from generator supply back to network supply. 140 customers in the wider Glenorchy area remain without power while crews work on repairs.

Inaccessible terrain is hampering efforts to repair damaged poles in a remote part of Ettrick after trees came down on the line. About 12 customers will remain without power overnight.

Power remains off in the following areas:
  • Glenorchy area (140 customers)
  • Ettrick (12 customers)
  • Makaroa (1 customer)
  • Camp Hill Road (2 customers)
  • Lindis Pass-Tarras Road (5 customers)

As we restore power to large areas there may still be individuals with faults and who remain without electricity or only have part power; please call Aurora Energy on 0800 22 00 05 to report the problem.

Keep safe:

During a power outage, please remember that the safety of the public and Aurora Energy’s field contractor staff is of primary importance at all times. They will respond as soon as it is possible and safe to do so. Please always treat downed lines as live and stay well clear.

People using medical equipment that relies on electricity should ensure they are prepared for power disruptions and if there is an immediate health threat, contact their health provider or call 111.

To report downed lines, or trees in power lines, please contact Aurora Energy on 0800 22 00 05.

To report a loss of power, please contact your electricity retailer.