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Power outages

Are you experiencing or expecting a power outage in your area? Check our outages map below for updates on current and planned power outages.


Power outage information is updated on our website automatically. For unplanned outages, the name and location on the map may change as we restore customers. If you're not sure which outage you are part of, please use the search function on the map by entering your street name or ICP number (found on your power bill). For more information about power outages please check our FAQs

Here are the current and planned outages for the Aurora Energy network.


Last updated 22:22pm 25/02/24

Showing all planned outages (0)

  1. Mon 26 Feb(3)

  2. Tue 27 Feb(8)

  3. Wed 28 Feb(5)

  4. Thu 29 Feb(7)

  5. Fri 01 Mar(6)

  6. Sat 02 Mar(3)

  7. Mon 04 Mar(2)

  8. Tue 05 Mar(9)

  9. Wed 06 Mar(5)

  10. Thu 07 Mar(7)

  11. Fri 08 Mar(5)

  12. Sat 09 Mar(2)

  13. Mon 11 Mar(3)

  14. Tue 12 Mar(7)

  15. Wed 13 Mar(7)

  16. Thu 14 Mar(6)

  17. Fri 15 Mar(6)

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Outage Map Key

  1. Multiple outages
  2. Unplanned
  3. Planned
  4. Restored

Please be aware that the restoration times for planned and unplanned outages are estimates. When the power goes out, it may not come back on all at once. Some areas may have power restored before others.

We only display outages that affect multiple customers on the website. If there's an outage that affects just one customer, it won't be shown here. From time-to-time, we or our contractors will directly notify you if there's a low voltage outage in less than 10 working days in advance.

Being prepared and staying safe

Here's some useful information to help you prepare for, and stay safe, in a power outage.

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Frequently asked questions about power outages

We answer your questions about power outages.

Photo of a young girl sitting up in a grey bed, she is holding an oxygen mask to her face.

Medically dependent customers

If you are medically dependent on electricity then it's important to ensure you have an emergency response plan in place.

Bathroom shower head spraying water

No hot water?

Managing electricity use at peak times is important to ensure large-scale power outages do not occur. Hot water control is one way we can do this.

Night cityscape, long exposure showing a building being constructed and fully lit up at the university campus in Dunedin.

Streetlights not working?

Have you noticed streetlights that aren’t working, or are on 24/7? Find out how to report it.

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How to be prepared for power outages

Whether there is a planned or unexpected power outage in your area, make sure you’re ready.

Photo of darkened room, there is a grey cat peering above a wooden table, only its face is visible, on the table is a single white candlestick that has been lit.

Staying safe in a power outage

Follow these simple tips on how to stay safe in a power outage.

Photo of an Aurora Energy branded mobile generator.

Using generators in a power outage

Planned outages may be required when we work on the network to ensure everyone's safety. We're often asked if we can provide temporary power generation for this. Here's when we can help you.

Photo of a fallen tree underneath downed power lines.

What to do in an electrical emergency

In an electrical emergency, it's important to do the right thing calmly and quickly.

Enabling the energy future of our communities

At Aurora Energy, we’re doing a lot of work to upgrade the electricity network in Dunedin, Central Otago/Wānaka and Queenstown Lakes.

Our increased work programme means an increase in planned power outages to keep our customers, staff and contractors safe while doing the work. Check out the major projects underway across the network.