Meet our executive leadership team 

The Executive Leadership Team at Aurora Energy are the people we have entrusted with turning decisions into actions, both collectively and within and learn about the departments they lead. 

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Richard Fletcher | Chief Executive

Richard Fletcher (PhD, BEnvSc) joined Aurora Energy as Chief Executive in January 2018. He has extensive international experience in engineering and management consulting.

He has advised on energy regulation, asset management, due diligence studies for mergers and acquisitions, as well as engineering investment plans.

Before joining Aurora Energy, Richard was General Manager Regulation and Corporate Affairs at Powerco and before that a senior manager at national grid operator, Transpower NZ.

From 2000 to 2005, Richard was Head of Economic Regulation at Welsh Water PLC. 

Profile photo of Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher

Gary Dixon | Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Finance, Risk Assurance and Commercial

Gary (BCom, CA) joined Aurora Energy in October 2011. He is responsible for the finance, accounting, and administration.

A Chartered Accountant, Gary has previously held a number of senior management and business service roles in the commercial and financial sectors.

He began his career with Westpac and was Chief Financial Officer of the Mainland Poultry Group for 12 years prior to joining Aurora Energy. 

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Gary Dixon

Glenn Coates | General Manager Asset Management and Planning

Glenn (NZCE, BE Hons Electrical) joined Aurora Energy in March 2018. He is responsible for asset management strategy and the associated growth and lifecycle management of our network assets.  He also leads the Aurora design and engineering teams who support the delivery of our network and customer related projects.

Glenn has more than 25 years’ experience in the electricity industry having held senior management roles at Orion in Christchurch and operational roles for Transpower in Wellington.

Glenn brings broad experience in asset management strategy, planning and operations. 

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Glenn Coates

Tracey Saunders | General Manager Digital Transformation 

Tracey (MBA) joined Aurora Energy in January 2020.

She is responsible for information technology strategy and operations and network technology development.

Before joining Aurora Energy, Tracey was the CIO at Dunedin City Council.

Tracey has over 20 years’ experience in local government, with expertise in business development, ICT and technology delivery. 

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Tracey Saunders

Mark Pratt | General Manager Business Process Optimisation

Mark joined Aurora Energy in 2018 and was appointed General Manager Works Programming and Contracts in December 2018. He was responsible for forward programming of network and managing contract delivery for on the Aurora Energy network. More recently Mark has taken up the role of General Manager Business Process Optimisation focusing on delivering future benefits and productivity improvements across the wider business.

Mark has more than 30 years’ experience in contract management and service delivery. Before joining Aurora Energy, Mark was Electricity Contracts and Performance Manager at Powerco. 

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Mark Pratt

Matt Settle | General Manager Operations and Network Performance 

Matt (ME, BE Hons) joined Aurora Energy in January 2020 as the Operational Performance Manager. He was appointed Acting General Manager Operations and Network Performance in June 2021 and was appointed to the role on a permanent basis in December 2021.

Matt is responsible for the operation of the network control centre, network access planning and operational performance. He is approaching 20 years’ experience in the electricity industry, most of which was in Australia. He has worked extensively in asset management, maintenance and reliability engineering and engineering risk management. Before joining Aurora Energy, Matt was the Lines Asset Strategy Manager at CitiPower/Powercor and part of the leadership team within the Electricity Networks business unit.   

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Matt Settle

Richard Starkey | General Manager Service Delivery

Richard (BCom, PGDipCom) joined Aurora Energy in November 2011.

He is responsible for the forward programming, network procurement, and delivery of the asset management plan on the Aurora Energy network.

Richard has over 20 years’ experience in New Zealand and international energy markets.

Prior to joining Aurora Energy, Richard was the Network Pricing Manager at Vector and before that, the Pricing Strategy Manager at Genesis Energy.

Richard Starkey

Richard Starkey