Distributor Agreements

Aurora Energy contracts with electricity retailers to allow them to trade electricity across the distribution network.

Default Distributor Agreement

Clause 6 of Schedule 12A.4 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 requires Aurora Energy to makes its default distributor agreement (DDA) available on its website.  The DDA has been prepared in accordance with the template regulated by the Code.

Non-standard Contract Disclosures

Clause 2.4.12 of the Electricity Distribution Information Disclosure Determination 2012 requires Aurora Energy to publicly disclose prescribed terms and conditions (as defined in clause 1.4.3) of non-standard contracts. Aurora Energy has two such contracts.

Distributor Agreements

Aurora Energy has distributor agreements with the following retailers so that they can operate on our network:

  • Contact Energy
  • Ecotricity
  • Electric Kiwi
  • Flick Energy
  • Genesis Energy
  • Mercury
  • Meridian Energy
  • Nova Energy
  • Pioneer Energy
  • Pulse Energy
  • Simply Energy
  • Switch Utilities
  • Trustpower
  • Yes Power