Putting safety first means people come first. We want all of our customers, employees, contractors and the wider community to be safe around electricity – to always keep a safe distance from electrical equipment and take extra care when working around electricity.  

Safety information
for homes & businesses

Safety information
for contractors & trades

Whether you have a tree that needs trimming or you're building a deck, before you start your next project, make sure you know what to do to stay safe around electricity.

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Working near or on our assets is dangerous; care must be taken at all times. We provide information to help you stay safe when you're working on or near our assets.

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Public safety advertising

We have a seasonal public safety campaign in place to help keep our customers and communities safe.

Look up before you go up!

Be smart around power lines. Call your electricity retailer and Aurora Energy will temporarily disconnect your service line for free, so you can do those jobs around home safely.

Infographic saying: Look up, look out, keep safe. Shows a man about to climb a ladder that is placed underneath the service line attaching to his house.

Keep well clear of all power lines – it could save your life! Call us before you start work near power lines, whether you’re on private or public property you’re required to follow the right, safe working practices.

A yellow background with line drawing of a tractor with a hedge trimming attachment driving alongside a hedge that is growing next to powerlines. The picture has the words: Look up. Look out. Work safe.

Working near underground cables

Before you dig or install stakes in the ground, lodge your proposed works for free with beforeUdig via their website. beforeUdig is a one-stop-shop where you can get the location of electrical, telecommunication and water cables before you start work.

Line drawing on a yellow background of a person digging above underground cables. It has the words: Check before you dig.

Always check for power cables. Avoid hitting underground cables or by operating machineray at a safe disntance and following safe work practices. Before you dig or work below ground, lodge your proposed works via www.beforeUdig.co.nz for free.

Yellow background, line drawing depicting a person inside a digger. They are digging next to a powerline there are underground cables beneath where they are digging. The picture has the words: Always check for power cables.

Trees growing near power lines

Trees growing near or through power lines are a major safety hazard and can cause power cuts. Working together, we can keep trees a safety distance from power lines. Always use an Aurora Energy approved contractor to safely trim or cut down trees growing within four metres of any power lines.

Yellow background, line drawing depicting a person in a bucket truck trimming a tree that is growing over powerlines. The picture has the words: Need a cut - leave it for professionals.
Yellow background with white line drawing of the fire danger sign. The picture has the heading: Help reduce fire risk this summer. Text following this is: Keep trees clear of power lines. Call the professionals to trim trees and clear vegetation near power lines. Clear combustible material like hay bales and branches from under power lines.
Yellow background with a white line drawing showing man and woman standing outside a home, next to a letterbox, both looking toward trees near powerlines. It has the words: Be a good neighbour. Keep trees away from power lines.

Stay safe during high winds

High winds can cause objects to fly into power lines which can cause power cuts. Please ensure you tie down your trampolines and outdoor furniture to prevent them from flying away during high winds. If you see a fallen power line, please don't touch it. Report it, call Aurora Energy on 0800 220 005.

Yellow background with white line drawing showing a trampoline flying through the air toward a power line. It has the words: Stay safe during high winds. Tie down your trampolines and outdoor furniture.
Yellow background, white line drawing showing a broken tree branch on a power line with one line broken and dangling toward the ground. It has the words: Keep away from fallen power lines.

Stay safe, call for help

If you hit a power pole, stay in the car or other vehicle and call 111. If your vehicle is on fire jump with both feet together as far away as reasonably practical without making contact with a downed line. Shuffle or make small jumps with your feet constantly together until you’re at least 10 metres from the vehicle.

If you come across an accident stay well clear of down lines and call 111 for help.

Yellow background with white line drawing showing a person in a car that has crashed into a power line. It has the words: Stay safe call for help. If the car is on fire, jump free of it and avoid downed power lines.

High loads on the roads

Always apply for approval at www.powerline.co.nz before moving tall structures of over 4.3 metres in height (like houses and boats) to ensure your load won’t come into contact with overhead power lines. powerline.co.nz is a South Island wide approval site that sends your request to all of the South Island power companies on your route.

Yellow background with white line drawing showing a person on their phone standing next to a ute that is towing a yacht on a trailer. It has the words: Travelling with high loads? Apply for approval first: powerline.co.nz

Flying kites and climbing trees

Be smart around power lines. Make sure your kids know to always look up and check for power lines before flying kites or climbing trees.

A yellow background with white line drawing showing a child running alongside powerlines, flying a kite. It has the words: Keep kids safe around electricity. Be smart around power lines.

Damaged electricity assets

Have you noticed the high voltage electrical assets in your neighbourhood?

They help deliver power to your house. There’s pillar boxes, distribution transformers, and power poles. Sometimes they get damaged. If it looks broken, don’t touch it. Report it.

Call Aurora Energy on 0800 22 00 05.

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