Whether you have a tree that needs trimming or you're building a deck, before you start your next project, make sure you know what to do to stay safe around electricity.

This section includes information on trees on your property, working near overhead power lines and underground cables, and travelling with high loads.

We've also shared some simple tips for keeping safe around electricity inside your home and what to do in an electrical emergency.

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Working near power lines or cables

Keep well clear of power lines and underground cables when doing DIY around your property - it could save your life. Find out how to get the job done safely and the services we offer.

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Signs you might be overloading

Do you run a number of household appliances at the same time? Have you noticed your lights flickering? Are you sitting in the dark? You might be overloading!

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Electrical safety at your home or business

Did you know getting a piece of bread from the toaster with a metal knife or overloading a plug with several adaptors isn't safe? Here's some tips to help you stay safe around electricity at home.

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Frost fighting

We know the importance of frost fighting to our customers who own orchards in Central Otago, and the potential impact on your crop if things don’t go to plan. Find out how to work safely around the electricity network.

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High loads on the roads

We want you to get from A to B safely. Find out how to check your route before you set off, so you don't come into contact with any overhead power lines along the way!

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Know what to do in an electrical emergency

It's important to do the right thing calmly and quickly. Follow these tips if you ever hit overhead power lines or underground cables, or someone receives an electric shock.

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Safety in a power outage

Wild weather, natural disasters and vehicle accidents are just a few of the things that can disrupt your power supply unexpectedly. Find out how to keep your whānau safe in a power outage.

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Medically dependent on electricity

If you are medically dependent on electricity then it's important to ensure you have an emergency response plan in place.


Moving Aurora Energy equipment on your property

If you need to relocate our electrical equipment to make way for new roading or for the construction of a new home or property development then we can help.