Overloading isn't safe for you or our people working on the network, and it's a potential fire risk. Some electricity retailers offer "free power deals", but did you know there is a maximum appliance load for your home? Be smarter with your free power deals and avoid overloading.

Maximum appliance load

A typical household can run up to 14 kilowatts (kW) of appliances, or 60Amps, at one time. If you turn on all heaters, a clothes dryer, oven, use hot water and use all electric appliances during any free power deals offered by your retailer (who you pay your bill to), you risk blowing your house-fuse, having a power cut, and needing to call us to turn your power back on.

Graphic showing how different appliances contribute to the maximum allowance load of 14kW. Standard water heater averages 2.0kW. Oil column heater maximum is 2.4kW. Fan heater maximum is 2.4kW. Dryer maximum 2.4kW. Dishwasher averages 1.8kW. Heatpump varies at around 2.7kW. Lights and fans are estimated at contribute 0.3kW.

Signs you're overloading

We want to help keep you and the people who work on our network safe. Here's some signs you might be overloading.

  • Circuit breaker often trips or fuses blow
  • Outlet plates (where you plug in your appliances etc) are warm or discoloured
  • Lights dim or flicker
  • Electrical contractor tells you so
  • Retailer sends an invoice for exceeding your supply

Calculating your "free power" loading

There's an app for everything, right?

If you have been supplied with a Powerpal device that comes with an app, you can monitor your power loading in real time. The app helps you ensure you’re not overloading your house and that power usage remains within acceptable limits of 12-14 kW.

Time for some equations

Some retailer apps can show if you are overloading. By multiplying your % savings by kWh’s used for the day, you will see what your load was.

Graphic showing how to use the app to calculate if you are overloading

A few last tips on overloading

Let's recap!

  • Be smart about how you use any free power deals that your retailer might offer
  • Check how much electricity your appliances use
  • Only qualified technicians should repair electrical appliances
  • In a power cut call Aurora Energy on 0800 22 00 05 and report the incident
  • If you need help from Fire and Emergency New Zealand, call 111 immediately
  • Ensure everyone in your flat or home understands this information.