Find out where our electricity and communications cables are. Even if there are overhead lines in the area there could also be underground cables. 

Check before you dig - follow these steps

Excavating near power poles

  • Do not dig within five metres of one of our power poles without a close approach approval 
  • Digging is anything that disturbs or penetrates the ground including shovels, excavators, hammer drills, directional drillers and hydro excavators 
  • Excavations within five metres could cause the pole to collapse. We will provide guidance and, in some instances, on-site advice 

Follow WorkSafe's Guidelines

Follow WorkSafe's Guide for Safety with Underground Services.

Close approach approval

We will advise you if you need a close approach approval, mark-out or on-site advice. You must obtain a close approach approval for all excavations within five metres of a power pole

Close approach approval