You need to follow some simple safety rules and legal requirements if you are planning on doing work anywhere where you may come into contact with poles, power lines, underground cables or any other equipment on the Aurora Energy network.

Look up, look out, keep safe

Make sure you maintain a safe working distance from overhead lines. 

  • Stay at least four metres away when operating machinery like a digger or crane. This also includes tree trimming 
  • Don't excavate within five metres of a power pole

Building near overhead lines

You must ensure structures like a garage, deck or house extension will be well clear of overhead lines. 

The Electrical Safe Distances regulation has set down minimum distances allowed between any new buildings and overhead lines. This distance depends on the voltage of the overhead lines. 

If you need to build closer to overhead lines on private property, then these lines may need to be placed underground. A specialist contractor can do this.  

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Important safety tips

  • Note the position of all overhead lines and power poles on your worksite and in the area 
  • Follow the four-metre rule: all work activity must be at least four metres from overhead lines - get a close approach approval if you need to work closer 
  • Do not excavate within five metres of one of our power poles - get a close approach approval if you need to work closer 
  • Close approach approvals take four working days to process 
  • Follow the Electrical Safe Distances regulation when building near overhead lines 
  • If you're working near overhead electricity service lines or connections, have the power temporarily disconnected before you start