The way communities are using technology is fast evolving, with an increase in electric vehicles and more and more people generating their own electricity. Like other electricity network companies, Aurora Energy needs to ensure our network and operating systems can adapt to enable the uptake of new technologies and integrate their operation to provide support to Aurora Energy’s network, and the wider power system.

Photo of Aurora Energy branded electric car with the sun setting in the background.

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is at the front of everyone's minds and we're no different. We are looking at more ways we can provide a clean energy future for our communities.

Woman plugging her electric car into an Aurora Energy ChargeNet fast charge station

Electric vehicle fast chargers on our network

Through our partnership with ChargeNet, the public charging network for EVs is expanding across the region with fast chargers available throughout Otago.

Aurora Energy branded electric car shown plugged in to a charger.

Getting your EV connected

Find out how you can get a new connection for charging your EV (electric vehicle).

Photo shows a solar panel in the foreground and rows of vines in the background

Getting connected - solar and distributed energy

Installing solar, hydro or wind power generators? If you want to make sure you have a reliable power source, or you might have excess power to feed back into the grid, we can help.

Man shows his family the solar panels on the plot near the house during a warm day.

How to reduce your carbon emissions

A lot of people ask us about their energy choices. At Aurora Energy, this isn’t our core business but we want to be able to point you in the right direction.

Photo shows Wanaka in the foreground looking toward the lake with the mountains in the background. The sun is shing in the top right corner with a cloudless sky

Non-network capacity solutions - open calls

If you are a provider of Distributed Energy Resources, or looking to enter the Flexibility Market, we'd love to hear from you.